The 4 Best Bingo Apps to try on your Mobile

Bingo is the game which has all the fun and excitement. Bingo is not only now confined to be played at bingo halls in pubs, clubs or land casinos. But can be played online moreover with your smartphones and mobile devices. To have a game of Bingo you either need to download the casino installer that offers Bingo games or Bingo Games Apps to download directly in your mobile. Let us see the best 4 Bingo Apps to have on your Mobile to enjoy the Bingo fun.

Bingo Heaven App

Bingo Heaven App

You can play bingo game with so ease and enjoy the New Jackpot and Tournaments rooms which will give you the thrill to play Bingo. All this and more with latest free bingo games to play with Bingo Heaven App. This newest app is all time liked by kids and adults. This game is brought to you by Super Lucky Casino, makers of famous Vegas style casino games.

Game Play

Bingo Heaven has about 15 special themed rooms in where you can meet up with friends or strangers to play a game of bingo. You can play in a room themed to look like Rome, for example. You start off at level one, and each game of bingo gives you a certain amount of experience points (EXP). When you level up, you get a reward. This reward increases every time you level up. You can collect bonuses and boosts, as well as unlock postcards, which is a nice touch. You can also choose to be in a room where the stakes are extra high, if you’re looking for a real challenge.

This game is free and is available at iTunes. However, in-game purchases are an option. If you want to get the most out of Bingo Heaven, buy some extra bingo credits. You’ll get more out of your bingo games this way. Make sure that you have an iOS version higher than 5.1 on your Apple device. Anything under 5.1 does not support Bingo Heaven. This app is compatible with most of the android and smartphone devices and play either offline or online

Download Bingo Heaven App Here

Bingo Bash App

Bingo Bash App

Bingo Bash is the free gaming App where you can play all new Wheel of Fortune and Bingo game.
With this World’s number one App you can have a big win with 350+ levels, 50+ fun ways to play, and new rooms added every 2 weeks.

What all you can do

  • Check Classic Bingo Games by:
  • Entering 50+ Wonder and Special rooms.
  • Picking your bingo cards to start playing!
  • Daubing the numbers called out.
  • Scoring bingos in 13 different ways – and win big!
  • Collecting items to win goodies.
    Unlocking newer levels and cool new rooms.

What are the Bingo rooms in this App

Bingo Royale Pokies Rooms: Here you can spin your way to more coins and chips! Play on the virtual Bingo Bash Pokies machine to win BIG!

Wonder Rooms: Fly around the world in all of these special bingo rooms

  • Swim in the Great Barrier Reef bingo room.
  • Battle gladiators in the Colosseum!
  • Have fun scaling the Great Wall of China.
  • Hit the Vegas strip for high-stakes casino games.
  • Unlock exciting bingo rooms like Purrfect Crime, Pot of Gold, and Wild West for more fun games!
  • Play in free seasonal rooms like Zombie Bash, Thanksgiving Room and more!

Bing Bash App Features

  • Unlock exciting new rooms every 2 weeks.
  • Multiplayer and real time play with millions of players!
  • Win HUGE power-ups, get Chips from finding Gems and Collectibles, and more!
  • Play and chat with friends in fun real-time games! Team up to uncover never before bonuses.
  • Win huge power-ups, surprise gifts, and more!

The Game Play

You begin with an allocation of game coins and game chips. When  you enter a “room”, you can select to play from one to four cards. Cards are bought with chips – the cost per card may vary between rooms. Depending on the number of players, a certain number of Bingos for that round is specified. A computer generated voice calls the numbers. If a number on the card is called, the player taps that square. Some squares also contain symbols which will award various bonuses if tapped.

You can also accumulate stars which will increase play level. Once a row (or other winning pattern) is complete, you must tap the Bingo button. As players in the room get Bingo, their names and pictures appear at the side of the screen (these can be set up to be a nickname and cartoon picture, or if the player has logged into Facebook, it is their name and profile picture). You an use various Powerplays, if available, to increase your chance of winning. When all the available Bingo’s have been claimed, the round is over. More chips are allocated each day. Other rooms are unlocked as the you moves up levels.

Points to Note:

  • In Australia, a person under 18 years of age may not participate in a bingo game unless accompanied by and under the supervision of an adult.
  • In wheel of fortune, the prizes are chips, coins or powerplays – the player receives one free daily spin and then can purchase more for money (3 spins for $0.99).
  • This game is set up as a series of “rooms” – initially only one is unlocked.
  • There are in App purchasing also to buy chips and coins for real money.

Download Bingo Bash App Here

Bingo Fever App

Bingo fever App

Bingo Fever App is full of excitement where you can compete with players from all over the world in special rooms designed like different countries. There are fun themed rooms, like at the Beach, play with Pirates and Sharks, or visit the Slot Machine room! There are many more fun rooms to play Bingo in! Also  you can play with your friends and use extra boosts for slick effects like free daubs, extra coins and unlock new exciting rooms!

Bingo Fever Features

  • Upgrade to remove ads or unlock all levels
  • Play against the clock
  • Play up to 4 cards at once
  • Featuring daily bonuses and giveaways

The rooms and their unlockable levels are as follows:

  • America: Unlocked from the start.
  • Japan: Unlocked at level 3
  • Britain: Unlocked at level 6
  • Australia: Unlocked at level 10
  • Egypt: Unlocked at level 15
  • Russia: Unlocked at level 20
  • Germany: Unlocked at level 25
  • India: Unlocked at level 30
  • Brazil: Unlocked at level 45
  • China: Unlocked at level 60

The Game Play

There are 30 different rooms to play in. Higher level rooms mean more professional players. It is because you are competing with people who have played a lot and are at higher levels themselves.

Select a room to play and buy a number of tickets with the in-game currency. You can buy up to four tickets. Wait for the game to start, and then you are live and playing. Sometimes you can buy four tickets at once to enter a game that has already started. But remember, higher number of tickets means that you have to be faster in finding numbers. Two tickets at once is the best choice.

After the game begins, you cross off numbers as they are announced. You can use “Power” to get special items and bonuses while you are playing. It will help your game. Power up is gained when you get three matching numbers which fills up the power bar. Once you are sure that you have scored a Bingo, hit the button that says Bingo, which is right below the ticket. If you are correct, you win. But if you are wrong, you get invalid Bingo and your ticket becomes useless.

You can obtain real time gaming experience with top quality images and animations. While playing this game, you will be offered more than 2000 coins and 50 cards to start. Also, you can get special gift of more than 15 cards as bonus. Players will get best experience as they play with real people in the real time.

Bingo Fever App is available free at iTunes and is compatible with most of the mobile and smartphones.

Download Bingo Fever App Here

Bingo Blitz App

Bingo Blitz App

Bingo Blitz App has a classic mix of Bingo and Pokies. You will love this free award winning Bingo and Pokies game with exciting gameplay features such as Power-Ups, Collection Items, and Achievements.

Bingo Blitz App Features

  • You can play Epic Pokies both new and classic pokies machine reels on the pokies map to win huge jackpots! Featuring special wild symbols, unique bonus games, free spins, and more!
  • Play multiplayer BINGO against millions of players around the world! Chat with other players in between or during rounds. Compete for prizes in Free Daily Tournaments!
  • Send and receive gifts from friends!
  • Use an array of game-changing Power-Ups to BINGO, boost your score, and get more rewards!
  • Connect to Facebook and sync your profile, Credits, Power-Ups, and Coins across all your mobile devices!

The Game Play

This game is set up with a series of rooms: Plano, New York, Madrid, Sydney and Hong Kong. The latter two rooms are locked until the player reaches level 5. You are allocated a number of coins and bonus points to begin. The cards are purchased with bonus points.

A computer generated voice calls the numbers. If a number on the card is called, the player clicks that square. Some squares also contain symbols which will award various bonuses if clicked. Once a row is complete, the player must click the Bingo button. As players in the room get Bingo, their names and pictures appear at the side of the screen. You can use Power Ups which occur after a certain number of squares are called, to increase their chances of winning. When all the available Bingos have been claimed, the round is over. You are rewarded with various items from collections in the room they are in and keys to unlock treasure chests.

Simply download the App for free for all your Android compatible mobiles and tablets. For in App purchasing you are offered the chance to buy gold coins: $7,500 for $4.99 or 20,000 for $9.99. This is paid by using PayPal or credit/debit cards. Also Players can play pokies for $1 a spin.

Download Bingo Blitz App Here