Which Bingo Game Can You Play At Rich Palms Casino?

Which bingo game can you play at Rich Palms Casino

Rich Palms offers Bingo game from Real Time Gaming Software. Rich Palms casino accepts Australian players. The casino lists its bingo game under specialty games and you can play other instant games as well including Keno and scratchies.

There are various other casino games to play Rich Palms casino Australia to play. That includes pokies, table games of Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and Sic Bo.

Rich Palms is legit online casino and is regulated and licensed by Costa Rica and is completely safe and legal. You can enjoy bingo and pokies games even on your mobile smartphones be it Android or iOS.

Rich Palms provides all players with great deposit and withdrawal methods. Among them, you will be able to find Australian friendly options like Visa, MasterCard, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Neosurf and much more.

Which Bingo Game Can You Play At Rich Palms Casino?

Bonus Bingo to play
Bonus Bingo to play

Bonus Bingo is the Bingo game to play at Rich Palms Casino. Powered by RTG software Bonus Bingo has a bonus round where you can win up to 150x the bet and will continue to pay rewards and prizes till you win. In other words, even though Four Corners and Perimeter are two separate bingo wins, since every Perimeter includes Four Corners, Four Corners will not be paid. Bonus Bingo is a fun way to fill up a few minutes or play as long as you want, and with betting options start at .20 for four cards, it’s a great way to stretch out your player account as well.

The same goes for the “X” pattern with regards to Four Corners and the two Diagonals.

Bonus Bingo Wagers for the online Bonus Bingo game range from .20 credits to 4.00 credits per game.

How to Play Bonus Bingo at Rich Palms Casino?

How to play Bonus Bingo
Play for free or with real money

Bonus Bingo game is listed under the games menu section of Specialty games.

  • You can play bonus bingo for free or with real money.
  • Tap on specialty game and click on Bonus Bingo
  • The game will load on to your gaming screen within seconds
  • Now tap or click to play
  • Select your wager and hit “Play”.
  • What you will find is that forty-four bingo balls will instantly populate the screen, and your cards will automatically be daubed with red crosses with every matching number.
  • Numbers will turn green when they are close to a win; pink lines will indicate when you’ve already secured it.

To win, you must match the bingo patterns presented on the pay table (above the bets, below the balls).

The “Bonus” feature in Bonus Bingo

Bonus Bingo Feature
Bonus Bingo Features

Bonus Bingo is an online casino bingo game and has several additional games and bonus options to keep play exciting. The features in Bonus Bingo game are as follows:

  1. Multipliers: Any one play could be randomly awarded with a Multiply card option. If you win this, you’ll have a chance to select which one of the activated cards to multiply its winning values by 2 or 3 times.
  2. Special Balls: When all the cards are turned on, Mystery Balls could be drawn randomly at any time during play, awarding extra credits. They’ll add themselves to the Bonus Ball count at the top of the screen. When five balls are collected, the Bonus Round is triggered.
  3. Bonus Round: Another reason to play with all the cards turned on, the Bonus Round is a chance to win up to 150x the card bet. To win, you’ll have to complete a set of five special balls.

Bonus Bingo game is easy to navigate and you can also find many ways to customize your game play. There is a  “Speed Play” option  and normal option. This is whether to play in the normal mode or in the Speed Play mode. In both modes the balls are drawn one at a time. The sound and visual effects are identical in both cases, only faster in the Speed Play mode. It really does not matter which mode is chosen because the difference in time is not significant.

Also you have the ability to change your card set on a whim. Cards can be turned on or off by clicking on them. All cards can be changed by clicking on the Change Cards button. Certain players have lucky numbers and would like to have those numbers on the cards. Therefore players can change cards any number of times till suitable ones are displayed. Players who want to wager with fewer cards can deactivate the cards by clicking on them.

Bonus Bingo betting
Bonus Bingo betting range from 0.01 to $10

Betting options are also there and players have to bet the same amount on all selected cards. The amounts are $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50 or $1.00. Players should note that the payouts against the patterns are not payout ratios but absolute amounts. These can be seen to change as the players change the bet amount. The lowest payout is for a diagonal line. For a wager of $1 the payout is $1. The largest payout is for a pattern that covers 20 of the 24 numbers. For a wager of $1 the payout is $3,000.

The product of the number of active cards and the bet per card decides the total bet. The combination must be selected carefully keeping in mind the planned number of plays and the total bankroll. In any event once the planned bankroll is exhausted players should stop wagering.

Bonus Bingo overlapped Prizes
Bonus Bingo overlapped Prizes

Once the play button is clicked the player has no further role to play. The payouts are automatically credited if winning patterns are drawn.

As mentioned above there are some special features available in RTG Bonus Bingo. The first is the Multiplier. The player could randomly be awarded a 2x or a 3x multiplier. He would then have to select one of the active cards on which this would apply. All payouts on that card would be doubled or tripled as the case warrants. With all cards turned on Mystery Balls can be drawn randomly at any time. These special balls award extra credits. Hence it is advisable to wager with all cards activated.

Other casino games to play at Rich Palms Casino

Rich Palms Casino Online
Rich Palms Casino Online

At Rich Palms casino there are more than 1000 different games to choose and play. They are categorized and you can filter them easily. This includes Pokies, Poker games, Tournaments, Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Sic Bo, Keno and other mini games as well.

All of the games that you can play at Rich Palms casino are powered by top-notch software providers. You will also be able to place bets in Live mode, where you can play against real people, as well as live dealers at their live casino.

Moreover to play the games in real time Rich Palms casino offer various bonus offers which certainly add value to your bankroll.  The Welcome Bonus of Rich Palms is divided into three match deposits.

  • The first deposit bonus comes with 250% and you get upto $2500 plus 100% cashback.
  • The second deposit bonus comes with 275% and you are offered  upto $2750 + 100% Cashback
  • The third match deposit bonus has 300% up to $3000 + 50% Cashback for players.

If you make a deposit with Bitcoins you are offered exclusive Bitcoin bonus.

Also grab free spins on various pokies games as daily offers at Rich Palms Casino.

In case you need any help there is friendly customer support as well 24/7 for Australian players.