Low Wagering is a term or condition that is applied to a bonus offer given to Bingo players by the Bingo Sites Australia. All bingo sites have wagering requirements which means there is a rule on Bingo sites bonus offer which may or may not allow you to withdraw your winnings unless you have wagered AUD on certain number of games. That’s why it is always advised to read these rules or terms or conditions associated with bonuses specially the welcome or sign up bonus including no deposit bonus.

To understand low wagering first let’s understand wagering requirement

What is Wagering Requirement?

Wagering requirements are quite simply a minimum amount of money which you need to have wagered on a Bingo site before you are able to withdraw any winnings. The purpose of wagering requirements set by Bingo sites is to ensure that players do not simply sign up to a new site, claim their bonus, make their wins and run away with the profits.

The amount that you need to wager is usually a multiplication of your bonus and deposited amount added together. Suppose if you deposited $10, and got another $10 on top of it in bonus, then you would have $20. If the wagering requirement was 4x this, then in order to withdraw any winnings on the site you would first need to wager an additional $80.

High wagering and Low Wagering Requirements

Now that you have understood that no bingo site will offer you free money as bonus and even no deposit bonus too might have a wagering requirement. So it becomes clear that you cannot just register, spend the free money and win then withdraw your winnings. Few sites but allow you to  just use up your free money as no deposit to try the site out then start playing with real cash as you know you will get to withdraw anything you win.

The bonus offers at bingo sites specially the welcome bonus or sign up bonus have wagering that can be high amount or low amount. The high wagering can range from 10x to 40x and low wagering can range from 1x to 5x.

Suppose a bingo site has high wager of 40 on $10 bonus when you deposit $5 which means you have to wager $400 in order to withdraw your wins. In another example if the bingo site offers a 200% bonus up to $100 and the rules are 3x on bingo, you deposit $10 to get your bonus money which would be $20 bonus. You would need to wager / spend $20 x 3 = $60 on bingo before you could withdraw any winnings.

Low wagering Bingo sites- Things to remember

Every player looks for a low wagering bingo sites and fortunately most of the bingo sites Australia offer low wagering requirement.

Also some bingo sites actually offer no deposit bonuses with no wagering requirements. Which means you can withdraw what you win without any strings attached.

But there are certain things to remember before you go for low wagering bingo sites:-

At the bingo sites while you may have lower wagering requirements, you won’t want this to negatively affect the bonuses that you can get like the welcome and deposit bonus. Take both factors into account when you pick a new site, as you still want to be rewarded for playing.

The cashback bonuses are usually calculated using your losses, rather than being determined by your wagers as a whole. These can also be subject to wagering requirements, so the lower the site’s bonus policy is on the whole, the better.

If you’re stuck picking between sites or games, check their return to player (RTP) percentage. If a site has a higher payout rate and low wagering requirements then you’ll be onto a winner.

Note that wagering requirements are based on the amount that you wager, so meeting these on larger ticket games is often easier. Suppose if you were wagering through a bonus on penny games at a 100x requirement this would take a lot longer than if you were playing on $1 games.

Also see that not all games make the same contributions to your wagering requirements. Generally, bingo will contribute more than pokies or table games, as these will only contribute a smaller percentage. This would mean you’d have to wager a lot more on these games than you would on bingo.

There are so many caps and terms that can be applied to your winnings. Bingo sites can specify that you must deposit before you withdraw or that you can only win a set amount from your bonus.

Not all games are able to be played with bonus funds, as some of them require you to play with real cash. These include progressive jackpots, with which you will need to pay real money to play with.

If you use a bonus, then you want to ensure that you know all of the fine print regarding them, including when they expire which again reminds you to read the terms and conditions carefully.

The way that your jackpot is paid out is definitely something that you would want to pay attention to also. Some sites dictate that jackpots won with bonus funds are paid out as bonuses which could seriously affect your budget.

There can be additional withdrawal conditions when you use bonus like the minimum deposit required before you are able to withdraw. This happens specially on those few bingo sites offering players a no deposit bonus which means that you will have to spend money before you can withdraw it even if you have cash in your account that you’ve won. Thus look for the lowest minimum withdrawal limits on bingo sites for easy withdrawals.

Finally remember that playing bingo on low wagering requirements bingo sites can be awesome but make sure you look into each aspect of the rules and policy of the site before you get playing. If you have any doubt whatsoever feel free to contact the help support at bingo sites via live chat, phone or email.