How to Play Amazonia Bingo for Free and With Real Money?

Amazonia Bingo Game

Amazonia Bingo is an online bingo game to play at online casinos in Australia. Amazonia Bingo is a rainforest and jungle themed bingo game from developer Woohoo played with 4 cards, If any of the 12 possible patterns appear on your cards, you’re a winner. The higher the bet, the bigger the win.

How to play Amazonia Bingo?

How to play Amazonia Bingo
Amazonia Bingo Online

To Play Amazonia Bingo online in Australia you need to join friendly online casino like Rich casino or Ignition casino. Join the casino and verify your casino account to play Amazonia Bingo. Play for free without spending any money or play with real money.

  • If you play with real money you need to make a friendly deposit at the casino with the various banking options provided.
  • Grab the casino bonus and visit the games lobby.
  • You will find Amazonia Bingo under the Specailty games at online casinos.
  • Tap or click to play Amazonia Bingo with mobile or PC.
  • Prepare for a cascade of wins in this forest themed game.

When the game loads on to your gaming screen, first of all, you’ll need to place your bet. You can bet between $0.10 and $10 a card. Payouts scale up and down to match the amount staked, so bigger bets result in bigger payouts. One winning pattern unlocks the bonus game where players can have a spin for the chance to win.

Simply place a bet, choose to play up to 4 cards, then watch the balls come tumbling down. The bigger the bet, the higher the win, and there are plenty of chances to win with 10 different winning patterns.

Play Amazonia Bingo
Play Amazonia Bingo

The play button in the game starts the bingo game at normal speed. And the Turbo triggers rapid ball draw.

In all game modes 33 bingo balls are drawn to begin with. Your cards will automatically have the matching numbers highlighted in red. There are 4 possible winning combinations per card. Each winning pattern and the current corresponding winnings are displayed above the balls drawn in the game. Complete winning patterns are marked in green on your cards. For winning patterns that are only one number short of completion the missing number is highlighted in yellow.

On any card only the highest value win is paid when a pattern is overlapped.

On entering Amazonia Bingo game you nee to select toe amount of coins you wish to bet to play. The amount that is available for you to play is visible at the top of the screen. You can increase or decrease your bet by clicking on the + or – signs.

Note that by default all bingo cards are activated, And you can change this setting on the cards clicking on or off accordingly. The more bingo cards being played the higher the win chances are. You can play with either 1 or up to 4 cards. If necessary you can change the winning numbers on the cards before the game.

The Extra Ball feature

Amazonia Bingo feature
Amazonia Bingo feature

After the regular ball draw you have the option of purchasing up to 10 extra balls. Clicking on Yes buys you can extra bingo ball at the cost displayed. The cost depends on the current odds of winning. If the odds of winning increase the cost for the next extra ball also increases. If you do not want to draw any new balls, simply clicl on No to end the current round and transfer your round winnings to your account. You can then start a new game.

If you manager to get the bonus pattern on one of your cards you get through to the bonus game. Choose 6 animals to explore the forest with you.

In order to win the progressive jackpot you must play with all 4 cards open at a total bet o 4 or higher and hit the bingo out of a maximum of 30 balls drawn.

  • Auto play: game can be set to play automatically
  • Extra ball feature lets players buy more balls
  • Bonus game: one of the winning patterns launches a bonus game
  • The game RTP is 95%

You can play Amazonia bingo with real money at online casinos.

You can make a deposit at online casino in AUD and Bitcoins to play bingo games.

Also you can play this bingo game for free if you want at online casinos.

Amazonia Bingo Apps

Amazonia Bingo Apps
Amazonia Bingo Apps

There are free Amazonia Bingo apps to install on your Android and iOS smartphones to play free bingo.

Developed by Amazonia studio Amazonia Bingo is a social casino offering fun and quality video bingo games. Fun and Entertainment on the go whenever you want. You can play free bingo with their Welcome Bonuses and Daily Bonuses offers. You can advance the level and win Bingos and Jackpots!

Play Video-Bingo Games, Slot Machines and many more types of games to come and you will love the thrill of winning Chips and Jackpots the size of the Amazon!

You can even play with your Facebook friends at

Use your Facebook profile and earn free credits instantly.

When you start to play free bingo games here as a new player you are offered welcome bonus. Get 5,000,000 FREE chips to start having fun.

Earn a special prize for reaching each new level.

To enter the bingo jackpot hit bingo with a maximum of 30 balls. The stakes determine the percentage value of the jackpot that the player competes for, the higher the stake the higher the percentage, reaching 100%.

Note that Amazonia Bingo apps is a social bingo app and the  games do not offer real money wagering or opportunities to win real money or prizes.-  While in-game currency can be purchased for real money or earned during gameplay, none of the in-game items have any monetary value.

You are offered free chips to play Bingo games and when these free chips gets exhausted you can buy with in app purchases if you want.

If you need help or support, please contact at

Click here to download Amazonia Bingo app for Android phone

Click here to download Amazonia Bingo app for iPhone

There are many other free bingo apps to play which you can find both at online casinos as well as app stores.