What Are 1P Bingo Games?

What are 1P Bingo Games

1P Bingo games are played with single penny and that’s why its name 1P Bingo. Many online Bingo sites offer 1P Bingo games. Also players love to play 1P Bingo games as they are in their budget and even if they lose the game not much is lost money wise. 1P bingo games are thus more often played for fun too.

These are cheap bingo tickets that start at just one penny and are available everyday of the week at online Bingo rooms. What’s more you can get up to 120 1p bingo tickets in each game. With tons of online bingo rooms to suit all budgets, Bingo sites offer great value and fabulous fun by the bucket load! These  bingo room also features our exclusive time-based Premiere Bingo Jackpots for an extra 5 chances to win!

When you play penny bingo games online, the bingo cards are automatically daubed for you. It’s much easier buying a stack of penny bingo tickets for an online bingo game, since the computer automatically fills in your cards for you.

These online bingo games play out exactly the same as 1P – $10 games. Same rules, same format, same game. The only difference is you don’t have to break the bank to play penny bingo games. Remember, prices for penny bingo games start at 1p, and prizes can get pretty big in next to no time at all.

At many top-tier online bingo rooms, penny bingo games run around the clock. Whether you choose 75 ball or 90 ball is up to you. Just remember, 75 ball features a 5 x 5 grid with 24 numbers, and 90 ball features a 9 x 3 grid with 15 numbers.

What Are 1P Bingo Games To Play?

75 Ball Bingo game
75 Ball Bingo game

There are many types of 1P bingo games available at Bingo sites or online casinos. Here are few of the popular ones to play.

  • 75 ball bingo – 75 Ball Bingo is really easy to play. The bingo cards feature a 5 x 5 grid format with the centre square gifted to players. The letters B-I-N-G-O represent columns with numbers 1-15, 16-30, 31-45, 46-60, and 61-75 respectively. There are 24 numbers on the bingo card. There are many different winning combinations in 75 ball bingo, including horizontal lines, vertical lines, diagonal lines, four corners, a square, diamond, et cetera. Simply match your winning numbers with the required bingo pattern,
  • 80 ball bingo – 80 ball bingo is also bingo  fun variant! This penny bingo game plays out on a 4×4 grid. Each column is represented by a specific colour. From left to right, the first column includes numbers 1-20, the second column includes numbers 21-40, the third column includes numbers 41-60, and the fourth column includes numbers 61-80. Match the winning numbers with the numbers on your bingo card.
  • 90 ball bingo – 90 Ball bingo is all time favourite of many bingo fans. It a classic in a penny bingo format.  It’s a 9 x 3 grid bingo card with 4 blank spaces in every row. Complete 1 line for a small prize, 2 lines for a bigger prize, and a coverall for the grand prize in 90 ball bingo. Each column represents 10 numbers, in ascending order. From left to right, the first column features numbers 1-10, the second 11-20, the third 21-30, you get the picture.
  • Speed Bingo – Speed Bingo is a very fast-paced and exciting game to play. Simply decide how many 1p bingo tickets you want to purchase, click “buy now” and you’re set to go. As well as discovering the fun in the bingo chat rooms, you’ll also be in with the chance of winning Progressive Jackpots.
  • Cloud Bingo – Cloud Bingo is a traditional bingo game with three prizes up for grabs: one line, two lines and a full house. To get started, purchase as many 1p bingo tickets as you like, then wait for the game to start at the designated time. The numbers will be automatically marked off for you, enabling you to participate in our sociable chat rooms and watch as the action unfolds. The first player to win each prize will receive the corresponding award, including real money!
  • Progressive Bingo – Progressive Jackpots are a key feature of many Bingo games. A proportion of every player’s ticket price contributes to the respective jackpots. The first player to complete their card in that game’s set number of calls will win the total amount, meaning the more players who play, the bigger the jackpots become!

How to get started playing 1P Bingo?

Rich casino registration
Rich casino registration

The rules of play for penny bingo games are identical to standard bingo games. First register at your preferred online bingo site or room. Then make a deposit. Be sure to check out the starting time for the 1p bingo rooms. Pick your preferred bingo variant and then wait for the penny bingo room to open. It’s that easy to get started with penny bingo games. 

Remember  there may be a minimum deposit that you will be required to make at an online bingo room. The amount you are required to deposit will vary, so pick wisely. Once you’ve funded your account, buy as many bingo cards for a penny as you feel comfortable playing, per the game rules. Pick 75, 80, or 90 ball penny bingo games. Follow the rules and make your play. 

That’s pretty much all you need to know about how to play penny bingo games. 

Note that Penny bingo games are standard bingo games where the cards cost just 1p per ticket. These games are scheduled by the online bingo room at specific times.

Penny bingo rooms are fun-filled venues where you can socialize with other players, enjoy bingo chats, bingo lingo, and bingo prizes.

The most popular games for 1p bingo include 75 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, and 90 ball bingo.

What you win?

Many online bingo rooms offer penny bingo games with prizes paid in the form of a bonus, or real cash winnings. If you play your bingo cards right, you may just snag a really big prize. Don’t assume that games that cost a penny pay a penny – expect much more with winning penny bingo cards. You can win a couple of quid, or stash of cash. It just depends on the online bingo room.

Also you’ve also got a chance to win one of our five Premiere Bingo Jackpots – for just a penny! Big value bingo is the name of 1P Bingo. Also it’s worth noting that on occasion we run on big linked games – these games may not be 1p, however these games will be clearly marked as link/event games.

During certain games, if you get a full house within 33 calls, you will take the Mega Ball Booster jackpot where you can win a minimum $10,000! If you get a full house within 38 call, you can win the Maxi Ball Booster jackpot where you’ll get at least $500.

Tips to win

Penny bingo is game of chance, just like all other bingo or pokies games. There is no certain winning tip that can make you win the Bingo game. It all depends about your bingo cards and Lady Luck.  As soon as you complete the right combination of numbers on the cards you can get rewarded with bingo prizes. 

But note that you have to play wisely. Though its only a penny still you need to stop if you are continuously losing the game because those pennies can quickly turn into pounds and then dollars. So play responsibly and have fun! Penny bingo games are rare nowadays, but the leading online bingo rooms offer penny bingo games from time to time.