7 Wonderful Bingo Games to Play with real AUD at Mongoose Casino

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Mongoose casino is most popular Aussie friendly online casino to play pokies  and Bingo on your mobile, PC or tablet. This casino is licensed and authorised by the Government of Curacao and is legit offshore casino to play wonderful casino games from Australia in your own currency AUD as well as Bitcoins that is BTC. Launched in 2015 this casino is a part of Rock Interactive Limited and gives  access to over a thousand premium pokies titles that encompass games from all types and varieties, from slots and video poker to table mainstays, scratchcards, and Keno. You can enjoy the Bingo games in Instant Play mode without any download.

7 Wonderful Bingo Games to Play with real AUD at Mongoose Casino

Mongoose casino is powered by many top notch gaming providers like Microgaming, Betsoft, Playson, NetEnt, and Pragmatic Play so you can enjoy here 7 wonderful Bingo games to play in real AUD or BTC.

1. Super Bonus Bingo

Super Bonus Bingo

Super Bonus Bingo is powered by Microgaming, an instant game where the aim is to get as many hits as you can, using random numbers and the ten balls you are allocated. A combination of keno, bingo and online scratch games, Super Bonus Bingo is one for the number freaks that intensifies with a Bonus feature. Great graphics and a clean and easy to use game interface makes gameplay as easy as hitting play and sitting back to see how your numbers score.

You need to select a new game after which you choose your wager amount. The bets within this game can range from $0.50 to $40.00. You can choose your bet amount and select at least 2 and maximum of 10 balls from the given 80. Now  simply click on ‘Play’ and 20 balls numbered from 1 – 80 are randomly selected and depending on the number of matches you have, you win your prize.

Note that the minimum number of balls required to win increases simultaneously as you select more number of balls. If player choose 6 balls, they need minimum 3 matches to win whereas if they select 10 balls, 4 numbers need to match. How can much can be won is displayed on the top half of the gameplay screen in the payout table. Finally the  aim of the game is to build up as many hits as possible on the active Payout Schedule.

The game contains some unique options, which include the ability for the player to select between two and ten Bingo balls to play on, a turbo setting to speed up the ball draw, and the chance to receive 2 extra balls as a bonus. Bonuses are activated when players get to a place on the payout table win that are marked in white.

2. Bingo Classic

Bingo Classic

Bingo classic is a simple, fun, easy to understand bingo game where you have to match the numbers on the card with the numbers on the randomly chosen balls. Classic Bingo rules are very straight-forward. First, you select the ‘New Card’ button after which you will be presented with a card with 15 different numbers. If can keep that card if you are satisfied with it or choose to select another card. You can keep changing cards will you find the one you are happy with. Then select as stake level. The betting range for Classic Bingo is relatively wide giving newbies a chance to try it out and enjoy and also giving bingo enthusiasts a good chance of winning big. Players can stake a mere $0.05 all the way up to $20.00.

After you have decided on a stake you can afford, click on Play. 90 balls are chosen at random and the presenter calls out the numbers as he receives it. You need all 15 numbers on your cards to match and the payout table is designed in such a way that the faster you mark all the numbers, the more you win.

If you manage to match all 15 numbers within the first 40 balls, you win the highest pay out and you need to mark all 15 before the 89th balls comes out to receive any payout at all. In case you do not want to witness all numbers come out, you can click on ‘Turbo’ to speed up the process or just click ‘Instant’ to see the instant result.

3. Pharaoh Bingo

Pharoah Bingo

This bingo game from Microgaming at Mongoose is taking you back to the days of King Tutankhamen and Cleopatra in this Egyptian Bingo game. This theme alone is enough to make you feel like your own treasures are on the way, and players are sure to enjoy the whole momentum of this game along with its brilliant payouts.

Pharaoh Bingo is a sixty ball bingo game that allows you to play up to 4 cards simultaneously, each card having 15 numbers. Place a wager per card which starts from $0.10 and goes up to $10.00 per card. So on a max bet and all 4 cards to play, you bet $40.00. With four cards at your disposal and a host of winning patterns to complete. The game starts after you click the play button. A gong rings and 30 golden balls fall out from either side of the Tutankhamen’s burial mask.

The game automatically marks out any matches on the bingo cards and also outlines possible patterns. In case the marked numbers do not create a pattern, don’t despair because the game might not just be over yet. If you are only one number away from a bingo, you have the option of buying another ball. You can continue buying up to a maximum of ten extra balls if you choose to. There are a total of 14 bingo patterns and each has its own multiplier. All the patterns are clearly displayed on the top and the pattern that pays the least is a straight horizontal line paying 3x the initial bet and the big one is a 30,000x win for getting all the numbers on a single card matched.

4. Bingo Bonanza

Bingo Bonanza

Bingo Bonanza is Bingo game from Microgaming and the rules are very straightforward to play. You need to simply decide how much you wish to wager, and then hit play. The object of the game is to try and match two numbers to win a prize. If you get a match, you win the prize depicted by the pay table. If you don’t get a match, you can try again. This is more of a no strategy game based on pure luck so just click play and sit back and enjoy great multipliers. The betting range for this game lies between $0.50 to $10.00. The left side of the game screen elaborately displays the multipliers which range from 1x to a massive 20000x.

5. Samba Bingo

Samba Bingo

Samba bingo follows a similar concept to online Keno where you mark off numbers from your card as they match along. Samba Bingo is actually a random-number, keno-type game than can be instantly accessed through your web browser at Mongoose Casino.  This unique version of bingo is played with 60 balls. There are 15 numbered squares on each card which are randomly generated by the game and players have an option to play 1 to 4 cards at a time. Players will have to purchase these cards at a price that ranges from $0.10 per card to $5.00 per card. After selecting a wager amount, keeping in mind their budget, players simple need to click ‘Play’.

After clicking play, 30 balls randomly appear and the numbers on the balls that match with the numbers available on the card are marked off from the card. There are patterns shown on the top of the gameplay screen which represent the necessary pattern of matching numbers required in order to receive a payout. Each ball comes with a price and players are allowed to purchase up to 10 extra balls. If the player is able to mark all the numbers out of the card, they hit the jackpot which is 20000x.

6. Mayan Bingo

Mayan Bingo

Mayan Bingo is a fun variation of bingo that has 30 balls where the aim of the game is to match off numbers on your card with the balls randomly chosen by the game. Players can choose up to four 15 square bingo cards in each game. The price for each card starts from $0.10 and goes up to $2.00 per card therefore, on a max bet and purchasing all 4 cards, a player’s maximum wager is $8.00. Each card has a unique pattern and every match of the number on the bingo ball to that on the cards are automatically marked off from the cards.

At the close of the game if any card has one of very few numbers left to bingo; players can purchase up to 10 additional bingo balls for a second chance to win. The price increases per balls for every additional purchase. Payouts are well displayed on the top of the gameplay screen. The biggest prize to be won is a 50000 times multiplier that is possible if all the numbers in a single card match the first 28 balls drawn.

7. Electro Bingo

Electro Bingo

This single player instant game consists of 1-4 cards for a purchase starting from $0.10 to $5.00 per card. Each card consists of 15 numbers with an option to change cards before the start of the game. After clicking play, the bingo balls are shuffled and 30 balls pop out and the game automatically strikes out the numbers in your cards that matches with the balls. Match your numbers to the balls corresponding pattern and win the payout from that pattern. If a player wishes to receive any balls in additional to the initial 30, he can do so by buying them on a price which differs game to game.

The payout is determined by the pattern that the marked numbers make on a card; there are 14 patterns each with their own payouts. If all 15 numbers are marked, it pays 20000 times the initial bet made per card. The pattern required for the minimum win of 3x is a straight row.

Now join Mongoose casino and have fun playing these Bingo games with real AUD or for free and don’t forget to grab fantastic 100% Welcome Bonus of up to $200 to play the casino games in real time.