Voice bingo- The new Bingo game to play online at casinos

Voice bingo- The new Bingo game to play online at casinos

Voice bingo is a new bingo game that is available to play at most of the UK Bingo sites. This is a fast-moving 80 ball bingo game. There’s no caller, the numbers just keep on rolling to fill your 4×4 ticket. Just the one prize in this game – for the full house – but there is an added Judges Chair feature that gives players the chance of an additional jackpot prize.

The Voice Bingo is a fast-paced bingo game available exclusively right now at Buzz Bingo. This is something of a rarity as it’s an 80-ball bingo game. If you’re not in the bingo know-how then you’ll need to be told that most bingo games at online bingo sites are 90-ball bingo or 75-ball bingo.

How to play Voice bingo?

How to play Voice bingo?

This bingo game can be played at any UK Bingo site with Bitcoins or Euros. The Voice Bingo is an 80-ball bingo game. To start the game, you need to purchase a ticket or some tickets for the game. You do this by clicking on the arrow button when you enter the bingo room. Each ticket costs between 4p and 10p. You can buy as many tickets as you want to play, up to a maximum of forty. When you have decided you’ve purchased enough, hit the ‘buy’ button. You have to be quick though as there is only a one-minute wait between each round.

Each bingo ticket is presented as sixteen numbers in a 4×4 grid. Unlike other online 80-ball bingo games we have seen, there are no prizes for completing one, two or three lines. The only prize is for a full house.

Once sales have closed there are only 20 seconds to go until the game starts. Numbers are drawn and run across the middle of the screen. Again, you have to be quick as numbers are drawn around every one and a half seconds! Don’t worry about missing a number as your card is marked off automatically. There is no caller and no bingo lingo in this game, just a beep as each numbered ball appears.

If you are the first to mark off all numbers on your card you are the winner and you take home the top prize.

Voice bingo to play at UK Bingo sites

Jackpot in the game

There are several ‘jackpot’ prizes available with this game. There are four ‘The Voice Bingo chairs standing above the ball drawing process. Attached to each chair are four numbers. Some of the numbers will be white, and some of the numbers will be red. If a number is red then that means a player playing The Voice bingo has completed a full house with that number.

If a player completes a full house with the final white number under a chair, then that chair turns and they are awarded the attached jackpot prize. Four new numbers are selected under the next chair in sequence and a new jackpot is available.

Once all four chairs have turned all of them turn back and the entire process starts all over again.

The jackpot prizes are £5 for one chair, £50 for two or three chairs and £500 for all four chairs.

When you load up The Voice bingo you’ll be greeted by a deathly silence. You have to turn audio on via the settings menu as it is turned off by default. The only audio is ‘The Voice Bingo’ theme tune which plays between games. Other sounds include the tick-tick of the balls being drawn and the announcement of the winning player. This is certainly a fast-paced game. Most bingo games take between 90 seconds and three minutes to fire up, but here bingo ticket buying opportunities are gone in 60 seconds. This game also features a ‘Turn the Chair’ jackpot that can reach as high as £5,000. The last player to obtain a full house using the fourth lucky number is awarded the jackpot. This continues on until all four chairs have turned and the largest jackpot has been awarded, then the process commences all over again!