How to play the Age of the Gods Bingo?

How to play the Age of the Gods Bingo?

Age of the Gods Bingo is a new network bingo room now available at many online Bingo sites. This Bingo game is themed on the Age of the Gods pokies by Playtech.   This is a new 90-ball bingo variant with an added element of excitement. In addition to the normal game prizes, you win the full house and reveal one of 3 different gods to trigger a bonus prize.

How to play the Age of the Gods Bingo?

As said above Age of the Gods Bingo is a 90 ball bingo game. Being 90 ball bingo you will see the standard three-line, 15 number ticket game. There are prizes for a one-line win, a two-line win, and the full house. Each line is five numbers. The prize for each section depends on the price of the ticket, the number of players in the game and how many tickets have been bought into the game in total. Numbers are called steadily and are auto-daubed if they appear on any of the tickets you have purchased, although you can choose to daub manually if you wish.

Tickets cost from 5p to 25p depending on the game and, depending on the game, the number of tickets available to buy ranges from 60 to 120, although you can usually buy from just a single ticket if you wish.

Special features – Age of the Gods Bingo

There are awesome special features in the Age of the Gods Bingo.

Arena of the Gods Feature

Special features - Age of the Gods Bingo

Just by being in the game with even a single ticket you get the chance to play the Arena of the Gods special feature if you win the full house. It may not be available on every game, but you know it is active as a gold coin appears as the first ‘number’ called in the game or there will be a gold coin in the ‘Features’ section of the paytable at the head of the page.

At the end of the game, all players will see the Arena of the Gods feature panel with 9 gold coins. The winning player turns coins to reveal a God or Goddess. When three of the same God or Goddess is revealed it determines the prize.

Jackpot Feature

There is no progressive jackpot feature on this game at this moment in time. The jackpot feature only shows when the Arena of the Gods features randomly comes into play.

Age of the Gods Bingo game jackpots

Zeus, Hades, Athena and Aries are the Gods in question on the coins that are to be turned over and the prize distribution is 100% split among the community for Zeus, 100% to the house winner only for Hades, 75% to the community and 25% to the house winner for Athena and 75% to the house winner and 25% to the community for Aries.

You will love the rich purple and gold theme to the Age of the Gods Bingo room and the fancy borders that separate the paytable, the game, the chat, and the side games. The music, should you choose to activate it is very striking in a classical way – violins, double bass, and trumpets are very much in evidence and really evoke the heavenly, godlike theme.

When a prize is won there is the sound of an electrical flash as you would imagine a taser being fired might make and you see the winning card within an image of the God Atlas supporting the world on his shoulders.

Note that this is a classic game in the making with a nice additional feature. With room names such a Breakfast at Hera’s, Riches of the Earth and Aphrodite’s Sunrise you are never in any doubt of the theme of the room.

You can play Age of the Gods Bingo at any Playtech powered online casino with real money be it Bitcoins or Australian dollars.