How to play Bingo in Australian Clubs and Halls?

How to play Bingo in Australian clubs and halls

There are many Bingo Clubs and Hall spread across Australia that offer exciting Bingo games to play. Aussies just love to gather in the evenings or any time of the day or festival to play bingo and win real cash. You can make new friends, socialize with people, have a drink or snack and spend some time chatting.

Rules to play Bingo in Australia

Rules to play Bingo in Australia

To play Bingo in Australian clubs, halls or at real land casinos of Australia you need to follow certain rules. These rules may vary from one club to another and from state to state.  So better ask the club or bingo organizer for the rules and prizes to win.  For example, in Queensland, there is no law that stops minors from playing Bingo. Most venues will require children be accompanied by a parent or guardian but this is a venue rule. Many other states however, restrict Bingo Playing to 18 years and above.

There are ticket prizes at Bingo Halls.  You can buy as many tickets as you like if you only have a small account of cash set aside to play bingo in a real bingo hall you will be able to buy just one ticket book which should allow you play for one full session at a much reduced cost.

There are jackpot Bingo games as well which have their own set of rules to play. As you can buy as many tickets as you like on each bingo game played it may prove beneficial for you o buy some extra tickets for those big paying Jackpot bingo games.

In Queensland Australia, as the popularity of bingo increases, jackpots are getting higher and more sessions are getting added to the weekly calendar. With some club venues using their function rooms to run Bingo up to 10 or more times a week. Remember, these are not Bingo Halls, these are venues that have Restaurants, Entertainment, Gaming Machines and other events that run in conjunction with Bingo.

How to get started to play at Bingo Halls or Bingo Clubs in Australia?

How to get started to play Bingo

All you need is to find a reputed bingo hall or Bingo club near you in Australia or visit Crown Casinos in Melbourne or Perth to play Bingo in real environment.

Find the timings of each bingo sessions.  As there will be different sessions played at all bingo clubs and bingo halls in Australia and as such you will find they have morning, afternoon and evening sessions. So if you ever do find yourself at a loose end you will always find one of your local bingo venues offering you a session.

Now join the bingo hall or club to visit the bingo gaming session you prefer. By joining it means you have to register as a new member if you have never played at those venues before. The registration process is fairly straight forward at all bingo clubs and halls and will simply entail you filling in a membership form and you are then ready to buy bingo tickets to enter the bingo session.

For that go to the reception desk ask for the member ship form and fill in,  be aware that you will have to provide some form of identity document to prove your age and being a resident of Australia. Once you have filled in that form you will then be presented with a membership card that will allow you to visit the venue whenever you like without having to register again.

There might be few bingo halls and clubs may allow you to play as a guest also.

Many bingo halls or rooms like in Crown Casino offer various Bingo Promotions to play Bingo, so you can grab them too.

If promotions are not displayed then you can contact the bingo club reception representative for more such bonuses and offers. Local Sports Clubs, RSL Clubs, Bowling Clubs are being frequented by younger people all the time for bonuses to play bingo.

Now be seated on the bingo table and play Bingo games. In Australia, the 90 ball format is commonly played.

Now bingo can be played with hand held machines or Electronic Bingo machines as well.  PETS and more recently Pet9 have been introduced to bingo players in Australia. PET machines have been available for several years and have made quite and has high impact on the Bingo Industry allowing players to play up to 8 sheets per game whilst only having to mark one number off as it is called. No more sheets spread out on the table and frantic dabbing of these sheets.

Other points to note

Play Bingo in Australia

In states like NSW, you may find ‘Free’ Bingo sessions or very cheap Bingo Sessions for as little as $2. The purpose of this is for Clubs to encourage attendance at the venue. They then make profits through Restaurants, Bar, Poker Machines etc. This practice is not permitted in Queensland, with each bingo subject to auditing. Venues must show a profit and Free Bingo is not allowed.

Victoria is known for very large ‘Bingo Centres’ which specialise only in Bingo and you can find dozens of sessions a week through these venues.

Bingo is played in other states and territories such as Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, Canberra even Northern Territory. You will find the number of Bingo Venues in Queensland & particularly New South Wales and Victoria far outweigh these other states.

One off ‘Big Bingo Sessions’ have become popular where Bingo Venues will run a ‘one off’ session that may cost anything from $100 – $400 to play the session. In these instances, players receive one set of books and are not permitted to use electronic playing machines such as PETS or Ipads. With sessions like these they may offer up to $80,000 in cash prizes on the night.

Big Bucks Bingo is also available at certain venues where they can purchase an extra game for the chance at winning a large sum (currently $100,000). This game is linked to other venues around Queensland so you have hundreds, or even thousands trying for the same jackpot. However this isn’t very easy to win with the $100,000 not being won for several months.

Some players prefer the smaller venues such as the Labrador Tigers Sports Club (Gold Coast). Although the prizes aren’t huge, the venue can still offer a $1000 Jackpot in limited calls. With approx 30 – 40 people attending sessions, it is quite easy to win more than once in each session. These players attend this venue for social aspect and the ‘fun of the game’.

Other Venues such as Southport RSL (Gold Coast) have attendances of up to 200 people per session. Their Jackpots average out at $5000 which are won quite regularly. They also incorporate ‘Big Bucks Bingo’ which is linked to dozens of Bingo’s throughout the state with a chance of winning up to $100,000. Although this Jackpot amount is rarely won, having remained at that amount for about a year.

Nudgee College Bingo (Brisbane) arranges buses from the Gold Coast (approx 70 – 80kms away) where players can make a day of it and travel to Brisbane to play for good money and the chance at Bingo Jackpots.

Drinks and Meals besides Bingo and other fun activities

Find Bingo near you

Most of these bingo clubs have restaurant or meals being served and also a bar selling every type of drink so that you and your family can have a gala time. Because many of the venues offer other club activities you may find players taking advantage of these activities. For example, you may have lawn bowls to play or get involved in a football training sessions or play other pokies machines.

Now find Bingo club or hall near you and enjoy the game of Bingo!