7 Things You Didn’t Know About Electronic Bingo Machines

Electronic Bingo Machine
Electronic Bingo Machine

Electronic bingo plays just like the traditional game, with the added element of technology involved. With electronic bingo machines, you have the choice to track more cards than before. Electronic Bingo makes the cost per ticket more economical than purchasing paper card tickets and a package of 30 tickets might cost $45, as opposed to buying 30 card tickets worth $2 each.

At many Bingo halls you will have a membership card to to swipe on the machine in order to access your playing account and to buy and play multiple cards. Some machines allow the user to purchase up to 200 cards, however many venue hosts will place a limit on the numbers of tickets allowed to be purchased electronically. If you win, it flashes on your screen and your winnings are directly deposited in to your electronic account.

Electronic Bingo device

Here are a few interesting things that you probably didn’t know about using electronic bingo machines.

  1. It’s easy to think that your chances of winning at electronic bingo are better, since you have more cards than traditional physical card players. In reality, there may be a small edge, which really isn’t that, much. For example, a player with 100 cards has a better chance of winning than a player with a dozen cards, but when there are several other electronic players with 100 cards, then the advantage is no longer that significant.
  2. Electronic Bingo can be played on handheld bingo devices that enable them to play with dozens of cards simultaneously with no added effort.
  3. Handheld electronic bingo devices have a tracking mechanism installed, so that players never miss out on a bingo – even if they are using dozens of cards simultaneously. That means that even a beginner can keep track of the same number of cards as experienced players with no issues.
  4. Players with physical disabilities will be able to electronic bingo machines more easily as it doesn’t involve holding physical bingo cards.
  5. Some handheld electronic bingo devices have the capacity to hold up to 200 cards for every game, though in many cases certain bingo gaming halls may regulate the number of bingo cards that can be played at a time.
  6. The payouts from video bingo machines are typically between 80 and 90 percent, which means that for every dollar you invest, the machine will pay 80 to 90 percent in winnings. Prizes can even run up to several thousands of dollars – depending on how much money is invested by the player. A player needs to press the onscreen cash out button to claim his monetary winnings. The machine then prints out the ticket, which is redeemed for cash at the counters.
  7. Many players may find that electronic bingo minders enable them to double and in some cases even triple the number of cards they play in the game – to increase their chances of winning.

Play Electronic Bingo

Here you play Bingo in the same manner as you play traditional Bingo but without paper tickets. In electronic Bingo they are called Electronic Bingo cards and the machine records the numbers by the player as they are called.

  • All you need is to visit any Bingo room with such Electronic Bingo Machine
  • Each player will operate their own electronic bingo card which may be in one of two variations one is hand held device that looks like a portable games machine and other is static terminal screen looking like a computer workstation.
  • You  will choose the number of cards you would like to play. As each of the bingo calls are made it is up to the player to enter the number into his or her machine – this may be via buttons or a touch screen display.
  • The device itself will check this number and ‘daub’ it onto each and every relevant card. The card or cards which are closest to providing a win will display on the screen.
  • If a card produces a win then this outcome is displayed and it is up to the player to call ‘Bingo’ or ‘House’ as usual.
  • All the payment methods may be via reception area or through some form of account.
  • How the card is checked varies and it is quite possible to have the game controlled completely by your device as it is linked to the system as a whole.

Pokies machines

You can also play other cash games on Electronic Bingo devices. Many of these electric machines offer other real money games such as Mechanised Cash Bingo, random number generated pokies games, and some other casino games.

Note that video bingo machines are a bit different from these electronic bingo machines. Video machines are equatable to stand alone pokies and video poker gaming machines and are operated by random number generators. You can use these machines to play games with progressive jackpots, and can claim any winnings by tapping the cash out button. Such devices usually have a payback percentage of between 80 and 90 per cent.

Bingo players who are looking for new and innovative ways to enliven the traditional form of the game will find some liberation with the new electronic bingo versions of the game. They can choose bingo machine technology depending on what they are looking to gain from the game.