Interesting facts to know before entering a Bongo Bingo show

Bongo Bingo

If you are wanting to take part in the Bongo Bingo show then it’s really great fun. There’s bingo night to enjoy with DJ’s music, drinks, jokes, party and fun. These Bongo Bingo shows are organised in Australian venues of which tickets are on sale about a month earlier to the show. You need to keep watch on their events from their Facebook fan page or through various advertisements.  So before you set to take part and enter a Bongo Bingo show then here are some interesting facts to know.

Bingo here is loud and noisy

Do not expect a quiet classic Bingo game here as this Bongo Bingo is filled with loud laughter, loud music and fun. In less than every five minutes you can see players dancing on tables. It’s encouraged by host Jonny Bongo (but also discouraged by the RSA marshals and venue management) so at the first Sydney event it was like rave version of whack-a-mole – once you coaxed one partygoer off the tables, another popped up in their place. They take their raving as seriously as the dabbing – dabbing bingo cards that is. Expect to hear a nostalgic mix tape of Technotronic’s ‘Pump up the Jam’ followed by Craig David’s ‘7 Days’. Even you can see women flash their boobs and crazy night.

More than Aussies it is the British folks here

In most of the Bongo Bingo shows 80 percent of the crowd are British. Bongo Bingo is actually a UK founded show company and you need to know some culture background before you enter. Like , watching a room full of people drop to their knees for a Westlife ballad or kick up their heels for ‘Cotton-Eyed Joe’. There’s some questionable stereotyping of the Irish, German, French. Like on one of the opening night, Jonny Bingo’s first question was “Anyone here a Scouser?” ‘Australian’ came fourth or fifth on the list.

Dress with glitter to blend in the Bingo crowd

Though there is no dress code but to blend in the crowd you need to wear as much glitter as possible with different hair sprays and colors. All of these tools will help you blend in with the fun-loving crowd, and they’ll also make you more loveable if you do get invited on stage to, say, perform in a dance-off for cash-money. As with every Bongo’s Bingo, there’ll be cross-dressing ‘absinthe fairies’ on stage, called ‘Slutty Susie’, if that helps paint a lurid green picture. They do a mean ‘Galway Girl’ whenever the number ‘33’ is called.

Expect shit tinnies and bland hot dogs
Imagine the banquet hall of a Harry Potter movie. Now imagine it’s littered with red plastic cups like a giant game of beer pong, and the floor is decorated with parmesan hot chips. That’s what Paddington Town Hall looked like during Bongo’s Bingo previous show, so the better prepared you are for that the more fun you’ll have.

Prizes are offered generously

You can imaging winning fifteen litres of booze which was literally  given away at one of the Paddington night Sydney show. Each game had a beverage attached to it: tequila, gin, goon, absinthe, and Jägermeister. On the first line you win just the bottle, on the send it’s the bottle plus a toy for a full house it’s three bottles of that round’s liquor. The ‘toys’ were the best prizes though – you could win a space hopper, a Henry Hoover, a piñata, a cardboard Justin Bieber, a box of Coco Pops, a six-foot tall teddy bear, a stuffed pigeon, a rocking horse, a jumping castle and a double-ended dildo. Plus, crisp dollar bills – from 100 bucks to 1,000 smackeroos and even more.

Security check is always there

Party doesn’t  mean you have the freedom to do what you like. There are undercover police officers in plain clothes who also join the party even if Bongo Bingo has a secret location. These security men and women will search on you and subsequently  will ask  you to leave if they find trouble. This happens because  there are some frustrated winners who are to be told that they couldn’t drink their winnings immediately and instead they got to take their bottles of tequila home.

Next time when you join Bongo Bingo you need to know these interesting facts before hand to ride into the Bingo party with full entertainment at your disposal.