Bingo Just For Fun

Bingo has always been a game of fun and laughter. This popular game is played in most of the countries across the globe. Let us know some fun filled facts to enjoy!!

Bingo Cards

Bingo Cards

  • Bingo Cards were invented by Edwin S. Lowe, a New York toys salesman hired and worked along with Carl Leffler, a mathematics professor from University of Columbian to invent at least 6000 combinations of bingo cards.
  • Bingo cards were first used by the Germans in 1800s as an educational tool designed to help the students to learn multiplication tables easily.
  • There were claims that Carl Leffler has gone insane after creating at least 6000 combinations of bingo cards with non-repeating number groups.
  • Bingo cards in UK are also called “Housie.”
  • Bingo cards used in US differ from those used in UK.
  • Statistics show that Americans spend over $90 million on bingo cards alone per week.
  • According to one calculation, there are actually 552,446,474,061,128,648,601,600,000 possible number arrangements in one bingo card.
  • US bingo cards have 5×5 squares while UK bingo cards have 3 rows and 9 columns.
  • Number combinations in US bingo cards are only between 1 and 75 while bingo cards used in UK have number combinations ranging from 1 to 90.
  • When you say DIY bingo cards, these are customizable cards where you can make your own number combinations or put your own images.

The Bingo Game

  • The fist bingo game was believed to happen in Italy as early as 1530 called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia,” which is still being played until today.
  • Christine Bradfield, a grandmother from Bargoed in Caerphilly county is believed to be the largest bingo prize winner for winning more than £ 1.1M at The Castle Club in Merthyr Tydfil.
  • The largest recorded winning in online bingo is a whooping £430,900!
  • In a standard bingo card, a player can come up with 1,474,200 different winning combinations.
  • The bingo game was originally called “beano” but was later changed to “bingo” when an excited woman accidentally yelled the word after winning the jackpot.
  • According to resources, 96% of regular bingo players have won the jackpot prize at least once.
  • Statistics show that about 80% of bingo players are women while the remaining 20% constitutes the men population.
  • Winning the jackpot ranks fifth in the reasons why players join bingo games. It turned out that the top priority of bingo players is to find enjoyment.
  • The bingo game has shown significant effects in improving a person’s cognitive abilities and has efficiently alleviated stress.
  • Bingo game is played by people of all ages. However, a wide spectrum of bingo players belongs to ages 35 and below.
  • The Bingo game was first called “beano” because bingo players used beans to mark the raffled numbers on their cards.

The Online Bingo Game

  • The earliest known online bingo game was called “Bingo Zone” which was launched in 1996. It was followed by “Bingo Blitz” in 1998.
  • Online bingo is a very popular leisure activity in UK gathering more than 3 Million players each day. Online bingo sites have contributed a lot in increasing the economy’s earnings for the past years.
  • Online bingo game in US has shown tremendous development and is now the most popular past-time activity among Americans.
  • Unlike in bingo halls where regular bingo balls are used to play the game, online bingo sites utilize a random number generator.
  • One notable feature online bingo is the chat functionality which gives the opportunity to players to interact and socialize with one another via Internet.
  • Online Bingo has accumulated a total of $640 Million in 2010 and about 50% of this earning came from UK alone.
  • Most online bingo players are between the ages of 35 – 40.
  • About 48% of online bingo players admit that they play online bingo at least once a day making it a part of their daily regime.
  • Because of the chat feature available in online bingo sites, about 47% of the players were able to form a new circle of friends.
  • 83% of online bingo players are women and the remaining 17% are men.
  • Playing bingo on bingo halls or from online bingo sites is really a fun and good way to relax for many people. Plus the fact that you get to receive a lot of bonus offers from different bingo sites and win a jackpot without overspending on bingo games unlike poker or any online game.

Bingo Other Facts

  • Bingo addicts are known for being superstitious. They have lucky chairs, lucky pens, lucky numbers and even lucky undies!
  • To keep bad luck at bay, superstitious players go around their chairs three times before sitting down.
  • Studies have shown that bingo is actually good for our brains! One study concluded that people who played bingo fared much better at certain mental activities than those who did not play the game.
  • Notice that piece of flaccid muscle that hangs on the underside of your arms after too many days with no exercise? That is called ‘bingo wings.’
  • Women who are named Margaret win in bingo more often than women with any other name.
  • Most people play the game because they enjoy it. On a poll it was discovered that winning only ranked 5th in the reasons why people play bingo.
  • People of different ages play bingo and enjoy it. Today, 30% of bingo players at 35 years old or younger. There goes the popular belief that bingo is only an old ladies’ game!
  • If you love to play bingo, there’s a good chance that you also love to play the slots.
  • Most bingo players are also cat lovers.
  • Bing Crosby’s childhood nickname was, yup, ‘Bingo.’
  • Bingo players agree that they get pretty irritated when someone calls a bingo that turns out to be false.
  • Bingo Boosts the Brain. Playing bingo can keep the mind in trim – and the older you are the more agile you may be, researchers have found at Southampton University. Similar studies at Harvard University showed social activities, such as playing games like bingo or going shopping, are just as good for their health as physical exercise.
  • Bus Bingo. Arriva the bus company has launched Bus Bingo to encourage people to leave their cars behind and use public transport. Bingo callers are aboard the buses and passengers can play as they travel!
  • Bingo is the best game to play for your chance to become a millionaire. According to a study at Cambridge University when the National Bingo link up game takes place the chances of winning £1million are 200,000-1!
  • Movies about bingo are pretty rare, but in 2010 Bingo Confidential was unveiled in The USA. Films titled Bingo feature a runaway circus dog (1991), a man psychologically brutalized by circus characters (1998) and a terrorist plot against a right wing politician in an election campaign (1974).
  • The world record for the world’s largest online bingo game is held by ITV’s Bingo Night Live. The game on 10th October 2008 offered up a massive £60,000 guaranteed prize. Despite the interest in the prize money, the programme was pitifully bad and it was axed on 15th November 2008.
  • Online bingo games have been endorsed by various celebrities including Peter Andre, Vinnie Jones, Clare Sweeney, Mel B, Verne Troyer, Kerry Katona, Katie Price, Vic Reeves, Sharon Osbourne, Jim Bowen, Christopher Biggins, Barbara Windsor, Nikki Grahame and Gavin Henson.

TV personality

  • A number of ITV shows have attracted sponsorship deals and these include Tombola (Emmerdale), Bet365 Bingo (Emmerdale), Foxy Bingo (Jeremy Kyle), ITV Bingo (Jeremy Kyle), Think Bingo (Jeremy Kyle), Cheeky Bingo (Jeremy Kyle), The Only Way is Essex (Wink Bingo) and ITV Daytime (Redbus Bingo). ITV shows have also been the inspiration for bingo variations and these include X Factor, Saturday Night Takeaway, Take Me Out, Britain’s Got Talent and even Coronation Street!