7 Ways to Calculate the Odds in Bingo Game

Bingo Odds

Bingo is a fun game and is liked by all. When you opt to play online bingo for some real money then obviously you think upon the winning strategies to apply in the game rather than just hanging with the element of chance. These winning tricks help the players to increase bingo odds. Let us come to know here the 5 ways to calculate these bingo odds.

1. Know Basics of Bingo

Bingo is stated as a game of chance where numbers are drawn at random. You  purchase 5×5 cards that have 25 numbers running up and down. A certain coverall or pattern must be completed in order to win. So that shows numbers are important when playing Bingo. Also understand the rules to play whether it is at online casino bingo room or at live Bingo Hall.

The rules for playing bingo are fairly simple. The caller randomly pulls numbered bingo balls, 1- 75, places the number up on the bingo board, and calls out the number. You are normally given a few seconds to locate the number on your bingo cards and mark them off. Online bingo games commonly use auto-daubers, which automatically mark your card for you.

When playing online bingo, your bingo cards are randomly selected for you by the computer. Most bingo sites allow you to choose the number of cards you would like to play for each game of bingo. The game pattern is also displayed on your screen, so you know which bingo pattern you must complete to win the game. Some patterns are easy to complete, which will make for a very short game. Others are more difficult and will take many calls to complete. The most common bingo patterns are straight lines in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction. Play continues until one or more players are the first to complete the bingo pattern. The game then stops until the numbers are verified. If there is more than one simultaneous winner, the winners split the prize or jackpot.

2. Have your Lucky Numbers

Many people have their lucky numbers  which in turn increase their odds in playing bingo. In case you still have to look for your lucky numbers when playing Bingo not to worry as this is not so important.  Out of the 75 numbers being called at random, each number has an equal opportunity of being called, basically exposing the myth of having a “lucky number”. In 90 ball bingo there are 90 calls and in 75 ball bingo there are 75 calls. Each game has various winning combinations and patterns. You could say that your odds of winning increase as the game progresses, this is because there are less balls left in the bag (or number generator).

When patterns determine a win, you could say that the more complicated patterns yield lower odds, whereas simpler patterns have higher chances of winning sooner. For example, the odds of winning a simple line on the 18th call are pretty much the same as winning a Z pattern on the 43rd call.

Odds can also be calculated by the number of winning calls. 75 ball bingo has 75 calls and 90 ball bingo has 90 calls. As the number of calls increase in a game, so do your chances of winning. Complicated bingo patterns are harder to win. But this  doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check out for what numbers you have on your cards.

Calculate the Bingo Odds

3. Avoid Duplicate Numbers in your Bingo Cards

So you have purchased the cards and you make sure you look at the numbers on your cards. The odds increase by not having duplicates because you have more chances to mark off the random numbers being called. So basically everybody has the same chances at winning since the numbers are drawn at random but the fact  is that the player who purchases the more cards has the highest chances of winning.

Many online bingo sites will actually tell you how many cards are in play in your current game. This is very valuable information because it allows you calculate your odds precisely. If few cards were purchased by others, you don’t need many to double your chances. However, if it is a popular game with many card purchases, you may want to invest in more cards in order to have the upper hand.

4. Buy more cards and have Higher Odds

As said above the more cards you purchase, the better your chances are to win because you now hold more cards than the competition. The calculated probability of winning in bingo is  the number of cards that you are playing with/the total number of cards being played that round. As an example  you are in a bingo game that has a total of 60 cards in play and you have 4 of those 60. This means that your chances of winning are between 6% – 7%.

Most Bingo sites and bingo halls have pack of Bingo cards. Better to buy a pack of Bingo card having more than 10 cards, they are also cheaper as you are buying in bulk.

Calculate the Bingo Odds

5. Play Progressive Jackpots

Bingo games often have progressive jackpots which increase in value if more people play the game. So you need to find a balance between amount of players vs. amount of money to be won. Your best bet is to find a room with an average amount of players. If a bingo room is empty in a progressive jackpot, your winnings will be minute.  It is also worth paying attention to how the player numbers change during different times of day. For example, daytime hours are usually most empty because many people are at work. During the evenings and weekends, on the other hand, bingo rooms might be packed

You can calculate your odds by observing the number of players in a game. More players means that more cards have been purchased. In the case of progressive jackpots, more players also equals a higher value cash prize.

6. Play More Bingo Games

Play more games with an average amount of players and average jackpots, you spread your bets, thus increasing your odds at any Bingo game.  It is true that playing more games means that you are investing more money, but at least this way you are more likely to stand a chance of winning. By playing more games you spread your bets and increase your odds. More games means spending more money, but you’ll have for sure some win at hand. There are many bingo variations to choose from be it 80 ball, 90 ball, 75 ball or 30 ball bingo game.

7. Always Stay Positive

Last but not the least staying positive is thumb rule of any game you play and same applies for Bingo. When you are positive in mind you can overcome any odds whatsoever. Also remember Bingo is a fun game to enjoy in every possible way.