The 7 Best Bingo Bonuses You Can Grab at Online Casinos


Bingo is really fun to enjoy and to add spice to the game is the awesome bonuses that online casinos have at Bingo rooms and games. You must be thinking what is so great about Bingo bonus. Well, it is not just sign up bonus or welcome bonus as you call to enjoy but it is the option to enjoy bingo without any money to deposit that steals the show. Yes some of you might have guessed right it is the no deposit bonus in Bingo. Almost all of the Bingo online casinos offer this bonus for you to play free. Going more into details about Bingo bonuses here are the 5 best bingo bonuses you can grab at online casinos.

1. The No Deposit Bonus

When you enter Bingo online casino as a new player you are rewarded with a ‘no deposit bonus’, which enables you to establish an account without the need to deposit funds. So you are then awarded a fixed though a small amount of AUD$ say $5-$30 for free, so that that you can enjoy instant play across your favourite bingo games. You will be required to register your credit or debit card details, however, while most online casinos prevent you from withdrawing any winnings that you generate from this money until you have deposited additional funds into the account. So better check that with the casino cashier or customer support when playing Bingo.

2. The First Deposit Bonus

This is the most common type of bingo and casino bonus, and it essentially wants to match  your deposit up to a certain amount. The typical first deposit bonus is 100%, meaning that the online casino will match your initial deposit as long as it is between the fixed minimum and maximum amounts. Some online casinos will offer first deposit matches of 200% and 400%, although these instances are extremely rare and usually available for a limited time only. Regular players may also be rewarded for their loyalty with second and third deposit matches, while this bonus can be introduced at any time according to the casinos discretion.

3. The Reload Bonus

Most bingo online casinos offer reload bonuses, which are usually offered on any consecutive deposit that follows the initial one. It is generally offered at a lower percentage than the first bonus, but it is designed to reward regular and consistent gameplay. This bonus tends to be overlooked by players, but those of you who play on a regular basis should look out for this if you want to optimise your playing bank roll.

4. The Sticky Bonus

Some online bingo casinos offer a sticky deposit bonus that is easy to wager but impossible to withdraw. This particular bonus allows for a greater potential of winning. Withdrawals can be made against money won. So you cannot cash out the free cash but you can withdraw out winnings you may make whilst playing with the sticky bonus in place.

5. Chat Bonus

Many Bingo casinos offer chat bonuses to players. Chat Hosts and Chat Monitors like to unleash cool chat games whenever a new round of bingo starts. So while the casino auto-daub your cards, you can just sit back, relax, play some fun chat games and win a few extra bingo bucks.

6. Tournament Bonus

Online Bingo sites also offer Bingo tournaments. These online bingo tournaments offers prizes in cash, while few casinos offer it as in Bingo bonuses. The type of currency you receive if you place first, second or third in any of casino’s tournaments and is sometimes highly dependent on your VIP level.

7. Rewards Bonus

Many online casinos give money and prizes away in other ways as well. Most have some kind of reward scheme in place, and many run regular promotions and contests for players. Reward schemes are typically based on activity, so the more you play, the more rewards you will get. Besides these bingo bonuses you will find special birthday bingo bonuses and many other type of bonuses too.

Bingo promotions thus come in many various forms, such as free games for frequent players, prize draws, or special tournaments. Remember you need to but check terms and conditions and other wagering requirements attached to these bonuses before you redeem them. All said it is always a fun time to say Bingo.